Setting Goals that Work

Goals?  What are those?

I’ve noticed a common area of lack in the lives of the people I come into contact with.  They have no clearly defined goals.  Consequently, they don’t know where they’re headed or why.

At this point, I’m sure you’ve heard this preached a lot – and I have no shame in repeating it until I see people actually doing it.  Most of all, I want them (and YOU) to experience the bliss I’ve experienced since creating this list more than a year and a half ago.

It’s of extreme importance to set AND REGULARLY REVIEW your goals.  What is it you’re looking to get out of life?  By now, you likely realize your time, energy and resources are finite.  Remember, every moment is precious and should be moving you closer to your goals and vision.

Not sure where to start?  Here’s a quick, goal-setting “how-to” using techniques that have worked well for me.  Do it right now.  Hop over to Google Docs, create a new document and name it “Goals”  I’ll wait.

  • First, create your outline.
    • This should include headings of “Lifetime,” “10 year,” “5 year,” “1 year,” “6 month” and “1 month.”
    • Furthermore, under the “Lifetime” heading, include subheadings of “Career,” “Financial,” “Education,” “Family,” “Artistic,” “Attitude,” “Physical” and “Pleasure.”
  • Now, fill in the blanks.
    • The outline creates a sort of “questionnaire” which is easier for your brain to manage.  It’s no longer just a sheet of blank paper – or a blank document on your screen.
    • Be as detailed and specific as possible.  The longer term goals may be a little hazy, but your one month goals should be as exact as you can get them.  Be vivid with your descriptions of your lifetime goals.  Make it a visualization aid.
  • Rinse and repeat.
    • Write a “Re-evaluation date” at the bottom of each goals list.  For example, if you were creating this list today (which you should) your 10 year re-eval date would be December 11, 2026, your 5 year – 12/11/2021, 1 year – 12/11/17, 6 month – 6/11/17 and 1 month – 1/11/17.  They should all be entered into your calendar.  I use Google Calendar, which makes it really easy to book things out far in advance.
    • When you miss a deadline, you carry the goals onto the next period (say one month) and make them more obvious.  I use bolding and font size increase.
  • When you complete a goal – celebrate!
    • Take at least one minute to really relish in your accomplishment.  Then, AFTER the celebration, you can cross it out, I also make them a smaller font size for the sake of readability and not running onto a ton of different pages.
    • Move crossed out goals to the top of the list and current goals to the bottom.  Be sure the ones you’ve been procrastinating catch your eye easily.

Here’s a visual example of your one month goals list in 3 months:


  • 12/11/16:
  • Write a blog post about goal setting.
  • Plan 4 new yoga classes.
  • Film and edit 4 videos.
  • 1/11/17:
  • Make marketing plan for 2017. (NOT DONE LAST MONTH)
  • Create a webinar while building vision board.
  • Plan out next month’s business activities .
  • 2/11/17:
  • Go see a play on Broadway with Susie.
  • Follow up with event attendees before Valentine’s Day.
  • Increase pricing on all products 2% as a result of manufacturing price increase.
  • 3/11/17:
  • Create cornerstone content page and maximize it’s SEO. (NOT DONE LAST 3 MONTHS)
  • Get to step 30 in the 67 Steps (NOT DONE LAST 2 MONTHS)
  • Read 4 self-development books and review them on Goodreads.
  • Write thank-you cards to 10 people just because.

As a result of this process, I am confident you will create great success in your life and begin to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Let me know if you have any questions – I intend this to be a nice, concrete way of taking your goals out of your head and putting them in front of your eyes.

I’ll be hosting a vision board creation event soon, so stay tuned for info & videos!

With love,

P.S. Here’s a link I found that dives into the “why” behind your goals – and helps you to gauge where you’re at in relation to each of your goal categories.

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  1. Millo says:

    Goal setting is much more than simply saying you want something to happen. Unless you clearly define exactly what you want and understand why you want it the first place, your odds of success are considerably reduced. Thank you

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