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Yesterday, Saturday January 7, 2017 I hosted a free event at my home where local ladies came over to do some yoga and create vision boards.  While the festivities commenced, we attempted to do live broadcasts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter/Periscope.

Here’s what I learned from this (our first ever attempt):

  • Facebook Live

    FB Live is the only one that really “worked.”  The audio and video were not in sync.  I blame that on my slow Internet upload speed.  I’ll invest the extra $10/month to increase the upload speed for my next attempt!  When streaming only Facebook live, it works perfectly.  Kudos, Zuckerberg.  I like that the video footage is kept and stored under my Videos tab.  *Remember to add titles, descriptions and tags to your live videos after you’re done.  This will make them easier to search and categorize.

  • Instagram Live

    Worked well, didn’t get as much of an audience as Facebook – crashed after about 45 minutes and would not reconnect no matter how many times I tried.  This, too, could be blamed on my upload speed and trying to live stream to multiple channels at once.  *Note – Instagram Live footage is instantly deleted when you end the stream.

  • YouTube Live

    “YT Live” – if you can call it that – was the jankiest (AKA the most confusing and non-user friendly.) If I understand correctly, you have to download the app “YouTube Gaming” – and set it up as if you’re trying to capture some of your game play.  When it asks which game/app you’d like to stream, choose Camera.  I don’t think this really streams live to YouTube.  What it does is immediately uploads the video to your YouTube channel upon you ending the stream.  This doesn’t allow my subscribers to interact with me WHILE I’m live, which is a big part of the draw.  I suspect if people have the YT Gaming app they may be able to interact.

    When I tested this just two days prior, it seemed to work fine.  During our event however, it just opened a small circle on my home screen which showed a tiny view of what the camera could see.  I could drag it around on the screen, but couldn’t get the circle to grow larger – or to close!  I had to turn the phone off to stop it.  It uploaded a video to YT which was my entire screen, including that small circle of footage.  It was pretty random and I’m not really sure what happened.  I am not discouraged.  If at first you don’t succeed!

  • Twitter/Periscope

    I’m not sure what happened with this one, but it doesn’t seem to have captured or posted anything.  Honestly, this could have been straight up user error.  I had 3 phones going and was attempting to use a friend’s iPhone for this part which was…not smooth to say the least.  I thought this feed was going to be the best.  It may have been, had we had 5% more patience to fiddle with it – I really like Periscope’s interface and it even seems to stream perfectly on my phone that doesn’t work well with Facebook Live.  This is an unfair review on their software and I will definitely be doing this again – to be continued!

Until we meet again,

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