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Abundance Mindset v. Scarcity Mindset

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I recently invested about $2,000 into a training program that will enable me to work entirely from home – making more than I ever did working for someone else.

As I progress in my training, I’ve noticed some changes in my life.  I’ve heard it said you can have one of two mindsets – abundance or scarcity.

A scarcity mindset says things like “There’s not enough for everyone, how am I going to get enough for myself?” and “No one will ever want to hire/pay/work with me” and “I’ll never be able to compete with that person/business – look how much further ahead of me they are!”

An abundance mindset says things like “There is enough for all of us, and I am willing to put in the work to get what I deserve.” and “I am so excited to transform the lives/businesses of my clients/employers – they are so lucky to have me!” and “I’m so lucky to be learning from people so far ahead of me – surely this will launch me far beyond what they have achieved.”

You can probably get a feel for which mindset you’re living your life with.  If you haven’t switched to having an abundance mentality, you’re missing out.  Our minds are massively powerful simulators.  If you believe you will fail – your chances of failure increase dramatically.  The opposite is true of success.  Check out my post on affirmations if you’re having trouble replacing the negative, scarcity-based thoughts.

Then, get to work on your dreams!  If you feel off track, you’ve probably forgotten what your dreams and goals even are.  Check out my post on goal setting and reach out to me with any questions – I love supporting women who know they can get more from life.

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  1. I need to be realistic. Yes I’m disabled, I need to accept somethings i can never do. My mindset is between the two you’ve mentioned. I’ve started to do the goals list. Making a cosplay is one of them. I’ll try to do some each day, depending on my energy levels

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