Partner Yoga with Bloopers

Impromptu, playful partner yoga on Facebook and Instagram live.
Edited for your YouTube viewing pleasure <3

Partner Yoga Sequence  

Create High-Quality Connections

In my experience, partner yoga is a great way to connect people and can even aid in healing relationships.  Each partner should take turns being the “Base” (the supporter of the pose, closer to the Earth) and the “Flyer” (the one using the Base as a prop, for lack of a better explanation) as far as is safe depending on each partner’s abilities.  Clear communication is imperative.

  1. Tadasana – “Mountain” Pose, Face to Face, Holding Hands
    1. Hold this posture while maintaing eye contact, ending with each person stating “I trust you,” to the other.
  2. Vrksasana – “Tree” Pose
    1. The leg closer to your partner acts as your “roots” and your other leg bends, turning the knee out to open the front of the hip.
    2. Foot can have toes touching the ground, or sole of the foot on the calf or thigh.
  3. Uttanasana – “Forward Bend” Pose
    1. There should be contact between your bottoms, holding either hands or forearms to deepen the stretch.
    2. Keep the knees soft, focusing the stretch at the muscle belly of the hamstrings.
  4. Adho Mukha Svanasana – “Downward Facing Dog” Pose
    1. Be sure the Flyer’s feet are on the Base’s hips – NOT their spine!
    2. This is a great pose to prepare you for handstands!
  5. Kumbhakasana – “Plank” Pose
    1. Flyer lifts one leg at a time – same to come out – one at a time.
    2. Base must be clear to communicate if they want the Flyer to dismount.
  6. Balasana – “Child” Pose
    1. Flyer’s feet are outside the Base’s.
    2. Start with backs upright, maintain contact throughout the movement – stopping at the Flyer’s comfort level.
  7. Navasana – “Boat” Pose
    1. Start with hands supporting you on the ground about shoulder distance, keeping your chest open, shoulders down and back.
    2. Experiment with holding both hands and one at a time, twisting and extending the other arm behind you.  Have fun with it and stay mindful of your body.
  8. Upavistha Konasana – “Seated, Wide Legged Forward Bend” Pose
    1. Keep contact with the feet, don’t worry about reaching for your partner’s hands.
  9. Sarvangasana on Setu Bandhasana – “Shoulderstand on Bridge” Pose
    1. The trick here is to get as close as possible.  Get strong connection with the hands.
    2. The Base lifts into bridge first, then the Flyer lifts into shoulderstand.
  10. Savasana – “Corpse” Pose
    1. One person can rest their head on their partner’s belly, otherwise connect with hands, legs, feet, anything you like!  The important part is connection.

This blog and video was inspired by the 2nd class of my 12 week yoga class series entitled “Positivity” inspired by Barbara Fredrickson’s book with the same title.


With a lot of love,
Taylor McKenna

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