Sticking to the Plan

Planning v. Executing

Planning is such an integral part of a successful life.  Long-term thinking and planning are signs of a mature mind and increased potential for success.

Where I see most of us fall short is in the execution of those plans. Sure, planning isn’t always easy, but the execution of the plans is likely to require a lot more time, energy and resources than it did to think and plan out how you want to do this.


Check back in with your goals from the beginning of 2017 – it’s been two months.  Have you been staying connected to your values and desires?  Are you living the life you want to live?  Are you showing up in the lives of your family, friends and colleagues in the way that you want to be?

DO Something About It

If not, take time TODAY to prioritize and kick procrastination in the butt.  Stop hesitating, don’t over-plan and do anything you can to prevent “analysis paralysis.”

Try something and see if it works.  If not, try something else.  It’s not rocket science and failure is a huge part of success.

Of course, I think the best way to prevent failure is to learn from the failures of those who have gone before you.  Read more books, connect with more alternative media – and be sure when you sit down for a chat with someone that the conversation stays on IDEAS or EVENTS as opposed to PEOPLE.  I don’t know anyone who really likes the idea of being talked about when they’re not around to clarify any potential misconceptions.

Stop Judging And Start Executing.  
Right.  Now.

Love you.
~Taylor McKenna, FemYoga

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