Periscope time!

Sticking to the Plan

Planning v. Executing Planning is such an integral part of a successful life.  Long-term thinking and planning are signs of a mature mind and increased potential for success. Where I see most of us fall short is in the execution of those plans. Sure, planning isn’t always easy, but the execution of the plans is likely to require a lot […]

How Can Live Streaming Change Your Life?

Start Streaming Live TODAY! I’m putting together a workshop on this topic (live streaming) for a group of local real estate investors this Wednesday. I may very well do a live stream on this on Periscope, so if you’re not following me on there – @FemYoga_Taylor Top 3 Ways Live Streaming Has Changed My Life: 1. Speaking Skills.  Watching and […]

The Amazing Adventures of FemYogaTaylor

Email Lists   I was inspired by a book I read recently called Big Game Hunting by Christopher Kai.  He sends out regular check-ins to his friends, family and followers on his email list to fill them all in on what he’s been up to, where he’s been, who he’s met and what he’s learned. I think that’s a fabulous […]

Survey Results – Almost!

Survey Results (kind of…) Here are some preliminary results from the survey I made (Take it here) – and the only thing I can say thusfar is – we need more diversity in our participants! (69% Female, 88% white, 81% without children) Thank you so very much to all the people that have participated so far. Please pass this along to […]

Partner Yoga with Bloopers

Impromptu, playful partner yoga on Facebook and Instagram live. Edited for your YouTube viewing pleasure <3 Partner Yoga Sequence   Create High-Quality Connections In my experience, partner yoga is a great way to connect people and can even aid in healing relationships.  Each partner should take turns being the “Base” (the supporter of the pose, closer to the Earth) and […]

How much time do we have?

I believe time is the most valuable resource on Earth – much more valuable than paper money. Chances are you agree with that and are thinking “Yeah, tell me something I don’t know.” BUT – do your behaviors reflect your understanding of how short life really is?  Take an inventory of your activities this week and ask yourself – Am I wasting […]

What is your mindset?

Abundance Mindset v. Scarcity Mindset I recently invested about $2,000 into a training program that will enable me to work entirely from home – making more than I ever did working for someone else. As I progress in my training, I’ve noticed some changes in my life.  I’ve heard it said you can have one of two mindsets – abundance […]

Live Streaming Pros and Cons

Yesterday, Saturday January 7, 2017 I hosted a free event at my home where local ladies came over to do some yoga and create vision boards.  While the festivities commenced, we attempted to do live broadcasts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter/Periscope. Here’s what I learned from this (our first ever attempt): Facebook Live FB Live is the only one […]

Looking for fresh mantras for your meditation?  Or, just looking for a self-esteem boost?  I’ve been using affirmations from these 3 sites for the last 24 days of the Miracle Morning. Louise Hay, the queen of positive thought!  This is where I got the title and my first affirmation of this 30 day challenge – “My income is constantly increasing.” […]