Setting Goals that Work

Goals?  What are those? I’ve noticed a common area of lack in the lives of the people I come into contact with.  They have no clearly defined goals.  Consequently, they don’t know where they’re headed or why. At this point, I’m sure you’ve heard this preached a lot – and I have no shame in repeating it until I see […]

The Miracle Morning

The other day, I read a book that was recommended to me by a new mentor, called “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. Today marks day number 3 of my 30 day experiment with this concept, I encourage you to start this,. The idea is to wake up early every day to get a head start with 6 energizing, motivating, […]

Test my Survey

Test my survey and I will share your social media channel on mine! Your choice of either Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube or Twitter. It just launched and I want to be sure it’s working properly. Plus, I love hearing about your yoga practice!! Blessings, Taylor

Healthy Wrists

Just finished planning this week’s classes – join me Wednesday and Thursday – 7:30p EST at The Yoga Lily in Clifton Park for a gentle practice targeted on the healing of our hands, wrists and arms. Namaste, Taylor

In Other News…

While the fate of our country was being debated and decided this last week, I was busy, too! I ran 3 phone interviews this week with 3 business owners.  They taught me a diverse range of information, most of which I was asked to keep private.  I will, however, take this opportunity to promote all 3 of these businesses as […]

Eulerian Destiny

In an increasingly globalized world, you may wonder where you fit in.  What is the thing that you could legitimately be the best (or one of the best) in the world at? Our competition is more available than ever to our potential clients/employers so how do we find our niche?  You may have heard the saying “The smaller the niche, […]

FREE Yoga!

As part of my karma yoga practice, I’d like to offer a free yoga class in the next 30 days. What days/times/locations are best for you? With the weather getting colder, most outdoor venues are no longer feasible. I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s the Latest

I am often asked what days I teach and where. I offer private one-on-one sessions (women only) which can be done right in the comfort of your own home!  I bring my props, class plans and extensive knowledge right along with me!  I will open a personalized client file to track your individual progress and be sure we are consistently moving […]

Sun Salutation Warm Up

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How do you like to connect?

  I’ve recently added the links to my social media accounts to my web page.  (See the sidebar to your right) Snapchat is the platform I use most frequently.  Follow me there to get all the reviews from the books I’m reading.  Today marks day 7 of Tai Lopez’s 30-day Book-A-Day Challenge!  I’d love to get your recommendations for the […]