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Check out the FemYoga Periscope Channel, and if you like what you see – keep it going with your sponsorship!  Topics cover a wide diversity, from yoga to business to philosophy.  Everything provided by FemYoga is intended to increase your happiness and move you closer than ever to your health, wealth and relationship goals.

Note – There will be no nudity or sexual content provided. Any sexual or rude comments/messages will result in your account(s) being blocked. Your sponsorship will also be discontinued without any refund.

Basic – $5 OR 10,000 Superhearts* – Get your username on the screen for all of FemYoga’s OBS broadcasts
Bronze – $10 OR 20,000 Superhearts**NEW* Moderation privileges on all platforms! (Will be removed if misused/abused)
Silver – $20 OR 40,000 Superhearts* – Membership to the private group Discord chat – a direct line to Taylor and her top supporters
Gold – $50 OR 100,000 Superhearts* – Membership to private broadcasts on Periscope AND get featured on the Top Sponsors page
Platinum – $100 OR 200,000 Superhearts* – A public broadcast of your choice (within boundaries of comfort)
Moissanite – $200 OR 400,000 Superhearts* – One free call (30 minutes) with Taylor
Perfect – $500 OR 1,000,000 Superhearts* – Weekly calls (30 minutes/each) with Taylor
Scholarship – $1,000 OR 2,000,000 Superhearts* – $100 of your contribution will be put toward a scholarship fund that supports those unable to purchase FemYoga’s services
Network – $2,000 OR 4,000,000 Superhearts* – Choose 1 guest to come on the channel and be featured on our split screen.
Heroic – $5,000 OR 10,000,000 Superhearts* – Choose up to 4 guests to come on the channel and be featured on our split screen.

***ALL levels include the previous level’s rewards and rewards are good for 30 calendar days***
*Superhearts must be sent during ONE broadcast to qualify for sponsorship level.

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